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January 16,2011
Original or Print ?????

"A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things." Anonymous... I find this saying very true indeed. I suppose that some of my more realistic work falls in the latter of this saying but I no long strive for ojective correctness in my work as I do enjoy paining in the Impressionist style. If you are shopping around for an absolute correctness of appearances in a painting, might as well take a photographic and then take it to Costco and get it transferred to Canvas.... OR, if you are asking an artist to copy a work of art from another artist, might as well just get a reproduction of that artists work put onto canvas. That will save the artist's time and you money. Also, asking an artist to do a mirror copy of another artist's work is very unrealistic to expect it to be the same. All artists are different with style and the way they do things. It should be known that if an artist does copy another artists work, they are legally bound not to sign the painting as it is a copy of another artist's work. Also it is illegal to sell it. Reproductions otherwise known as "prints" or "copies" are much lower in price than original paintings.. I have a friend who just discovered that their Limited Edition Prints they have of Robert Batemen's work... are not originals....????? I think in some print galleries they make the impression that you are buying an original. They may say, "Original Limited Edition Print".... but it is a print, or a copy, not an original painting.. I have just discussed this concept with another learned artist friend of mine and we both were scratching our heads with wonder and amazement that people do not understand the difference between and Original painting and a print, or reproduction. Hello? I had one client keep referring to one of their paintings as a 'print'... I had to keep telling them, that it is not a print. It is a painting. This will never cease to boggle my mind or amaze me.

Posted by Eileen Harder at 06:06


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